27+ Of The Best Tech Blog Ideas

This article explores how to write tech articles that convert organic traffic. These tech blog ideas are versatile enough to fit just about any category of technology. 

Why write tech blogs and articles?

Technology has never been so accessible and essential in everyday life. 

In fact, 5 billion people own a mobile device, 2.65 billion people worldwide use social media, and 1 in every 5 Americans is smartphone-dependent.

Tech is changing just as fast as tech reliance is growing. 90% of the world’s data was generated within the past two years alone. Wow!

We have a problem: billions of people rely on tech, but they struggle to understand the tech they use because of the extreme rate at which it changes.

And where there is a problem, there is quality content and ideas for tech blogs. 

As people search for the latest iPhone update information or how to use the new Photoshop tools, your informational tech blog post on that topic has the opportunity to appear on the top of the search results.

How do I find tech blog ideas to write about?

Start small! Each of these prompts below can transform to fit any tech category. 

Clear, conversational copy is the secret to developing a relationship with your readers. Clear, easily understood copy helps your brand establish credibility and authority.

Create content that is useful to your reader. Think about your audience. What questions might they have about any new technology that they use? Answer those questions.  

Stay Up-to-date. Follow blogs, sign up for brand emails, join groups, and engage in conversations surrounding your favorite tech categories.

Use a tone of voice that feels familiar to readers and doesn’t confuse them with too much information. Keep it simple, functional, and informative.

Tech Blog Ideas About Smartphone Apps

To everyone who owns a smartphone, apps are an essential part of their everyday life. People use apps for work, socializing, staying healthy, finding help, and exploring hobbies. But, it is difficult to know which apps are “the best” in any category in a flooded market. Highlighting apps that fit specific interests are essential to building an audience of users that are seeking advice for their smartphone. 

Writing about different apps reaches any targeted audience, from business owners to stay-at-home moms. The trick to writing tech blogs about apps is this: give the user something that will enhance their lives. People looking for certain types of apps are trying to connect to something. Be the middleman who directs, teaches, informs, and even warns them about apps. Here are our top app-related tech blog ideas.

  • 9 Best Apps For Production
  • Apps That every [job/hobby/demographic] Needs.
  • Most underrated apps of [current year]
  • The 5 Apps That Changed My Life
  • The 13 Free Apps That I Would Happily Pay For
  • The Top 25 Apps That Pay You
  • Use This App, Not That App
  • The Ultimate [Specific App] Tutorial

Tech Blog Ideas About “How To…”

Tech is tough! Lots of people struggle to understand their various tech-related possessions. This blog idea is an endless source of tech blog article ideas. “How To” articles remain one of the most popular types of articles. And, if your blog includes excellent information and visuals, it is sure to get loads of traffic. The trick to these articles is to provide easy-to-follow instructions balanced with information that your audience does not know. 

Remember to work with specific brands and outcomes. Photographers, for instance, are more likely to click on something specific like “How to use the Nikon Z 50 To Take Incredible action shots” and less likely to click on something generic like “How to take good pictures with your camera.”

  • How To Use [specific feature] on [product] To Get Better [desirable result].
  • New ways to use your [product] that will blow your mind
  • How to [perform specific function] on [product]
  • How to stand apart from other [hobby/employment group] by using [product or function]
  • Why you need to know how to [function on product] and how to do it

Tech Blog Ideas About “The Best…”

People do not like to waste their time. When someone is looking into downloading certain apps or investing in specific tech equipment, chances are they are going to search “The best _____.”

These blogs give you an incredible opportunity to compile a list of products, apps, services, or performances, that sets your tech blog apart as a tech leader on that topic. 

Expand this type of article further into long-tail keywords for particular categories. For example, a stay-at-home mom is not going to search “The best apps.” But she would more likely search, “The best apps for new moms.” Or expand her search even more to “The best time management apps for new moms.”

Being as specific as possible is the best way to get clicks from readers looking for particular information.

Here are our top tech blog ideas surrounding the “The best…” category.

  • The Best (product/service/app/software/event)
  • The Best (product/service/app/software/event) for (specific group/hobby/interest/result)
  • The Best Way To Use (particular function of product/app/software, etc.)
  • The Best Way To Achieve (desired result) from (tech-related category)
  • The Best Ways to fix (common mistake).

Tech Blog Ideas About Industry Predictions

Predictions in the tech industry are an opportunity to write exciting news-focused articles. These are the types of articles that excite a more engaged tech user. 

These articles are a chance to set yourself apart as a tech blog that keeps up with trends and news.  

  • Tech trends that are going to change (year).
  • There is no way (company) is going to release (product) that can do (new function)
  • Every new (product/service/update/tech topic) you need to know about this(year/month/week)
  • What to look for from (brand) in (year)
  • The best and worst in this year’s new (product/service/category)

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