When to hire a copywriting agency for your business

Knowing when to hire a copywriting agency is tricky. Many business owners and marketing directors making this decision are overwhelmed with questions and uncertainty.

But once you hire the right copywriting agency, your business begins to reach its full potential. 

Hiring a copywriting agency allows copywriting and marketing professionals to take over the daunting tasks of creating engaging and informative content. They know how to optimize content to reach new audiences and retain the trust of current audiences. 

What is a copywriting agency?

Copywriting agencies write content that sells. The copywriting pairs with a range of other editorial and design services. 

Their most popular services include blogging, brand messaging, content consulting, social media management, search engine optimization, content editing, fact-checking, public relations, community management, email marketing, and design.

What is the difference between a copywriting agency and a freelance copywriter?

What is the difference between a copywriting agency and a freelance copywriter?

A copywriting agency is a business of 1-10+ individuals who provide copywriting and various other content creation services. A freelancer is an individual who offers copywriting services.

Hiring an agency usually means that the content you receive is created by a team of professionals with a wide range of skills. Agencies have the resources to tackle large projects that require differing services. Agencies can grow with a company. 

If a business first hires a copywriting agency to write blog posts, they can later add other services, like email marketing and social media management. Agencies typically provide content that is optimized and structured to its fullest potential.

Freelance copywriters are individuals. They are usually less expensive than a copywriting agency. They can provide consistent copy for a brand or business but typically cannot take on additional projects as their client’s needs expand. 

Many freelancers specialize in a particular type of content. If a business is looking for highly specialized written content, a freelancer is a great possibility.

Why hire a copywriting agency?

A copywriting agency’s staff are highly trained professionals who know how to craft content that sells. 

After hiring a copywriting agency, you will see:

  • Consistent content posting
  • Increased search engine optimization
  • Heightened customer engagement
  • Boosted social media subscribers and email followers
  • Further brand trust
  • New sale leads
  • Clear messaging and consistent brand voice
  • Better search engine ranking

Questions to ask yourself before hiring a copywriting agency

Before you hire a copywriting agency, it is essential to ask yourself a few questions to understand if your business is ready to hire a copywriting agency.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before considering if your business is ready to hire a copywriting agency. 

  • Is my business growth stuck?
  • Do I enjoy producing my marketing, content creation, and SEO optimization? Or would I prefer to focus elsewhere on my business?
  • Am I overwhelmed with the number of tasks my business requires?
  • What is my knowledge behind marketing and content optimization?
  • Is my current content strategy generating my desired results?
  • Where do I want my business to be in the next year?

Remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking copywriting help for your business. Writing content is difficult. A copywriter’s job is to create 

Many businesses and brands struggle to let go of their content and marketing tools. But, allowing a professional to step in may be the key you need to unlock your company’s growth.

Allowing a professional copywriter to shape your content strategy will boost your company’s SEO and search engine placement, attract and retain customers and clients, and build a lasting foundation for a business’s accelerated growth. 

Questions to ask your copywriting agency

Not all copywriting agencies are created equal! Be prepared to ask your copywriting agency questions to ensure their services match your needs. 

1. What approach do you take to copywriting?

Does your copywriting agent mention working with you to create goals? This question shows that the agency cares about your business and produces content with a goal in mind. Copywriters who write without direction or established goals will not help your business reach its full potential.

2. How much do you charge for your services?

Is your agency upfront with their rates? Copywriters charge per word, per hour, or per piece. Some copywriting agencies offer packages for multiple services or multiple pieces.

If the copywriting agency you want to hire offers rates higher than you can pay, be upfront about your budget and ask what they can do for that amount. They may offer discounted services to get you started. 

3. What kind of communication will we have?

Communication is one of the most important discussion points to have with your agency. Be clear about your communication expectations. Do you want to be more hands-on and look at every piece before it touches your website? Do you want to let go of your content creation strategy and let someone else take over? Make sure your copywriting agency can meet your needs and expectations.

4. What other services do you offer?

As your business expands, it is good to know that your copywriting agency can help you take on other tasks. 

Some copywriting agencies offer services like social media management, email marketing, and paid advertising. They may be able to group these services at a discounted rate. Some agencies work with other agencies to provide additional marketing services.

Make sure your agency can match your business’s needs as you grow. 

A quality copywriting agency will make sure you are a good fit for their skills. Beware of an agency that is too agreeable and promises insane results. Copywriting and content creation is a progressive approach and takes time. 

How much do copywriting agencies cost?


As your business expands, it is good to know that your copywriting agency can help you take on other tasks. 

You get what you pay for when it comes to copywriting.

Saving money using a service on sites like UpWork or Fiverr may seem like a good option at first. But, many inexpensive writers on those platforms are not creating consistent or quality content. Hiring these writers will not help your business achieve its goals and may end up losing credibility for your business. 

When you hire a copywriting agency, you are paying for quality content that delivers results. These agencies produce content that helps your business through consistency, quality, and content optimization. 

However, quality comes at a price. 

Be prepared to pay anywhere from $100 – $500+ per piece

Remember, agencies are usually small businesses run by between 1-10 people. The price pays for the expensive, professional tools that an agency uses to make your content stand out above the rest. The price also pays the salary of a highly trained professional who spent several hours of their time creating top-quality content for your business or brand.

Types of copywriting

Knowing what kind of copywriting you need is one of the most important things to discuss with a potential copywriter. 

First, identify if your copywriter is writing to your customer (B2C copywriting) or other businesses (B2B copywriting.

From there, consider what your goal is. The copywriting you need could be any category or any combination of categories from following list.

  • Sales/Advertising
  • Niche
  • SEO
  • Web content
  • Technical
  • Creative
  • PR
  • Informative

If you are having difficulty understanding what copywriting your business or brand needs, talk to your copywriter. After making your goals clear, a skilled copywriter will help you pinpoint what kind of copywriting you need.

How do you find a copywriting agency for your business?

Do some research! 

Of course, we are partial to our own copywriting. If you found this article helpful, you should see what we can do when we are getting paid to write! To browse our agency’s services, click here. We are a copywriting service based in Denver, CO, and we write content for brands, businesses, and influencers worldwide.

What to expect from your copywriting agency

After your contract is signed, the magic happens. Your copywriting agency will start implementing a content strategy and producing content. 

After deciding on a copywriting agency, expect a contract. Contracts protect both you and the copywriting agency and ensure that everyone is satisfied with the agreement. Always read your contract in full! 

After your contract is signed, the magic happens. Your copywriting agency will start implementing a content strategy and producing content. 

Great content does wonders for your sight. Great content increases backlinks to your website, boosts your search engine ranking, gives your site authority, creates reusable content opportunities, and builds trust with your current and future audiences. 

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